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Private Lessons

Call the number below to hear more about our programs!

Call: (707) 382-7274


We offer one-on-one coaching for your and your dog, with on-site private lessons!


We come to you in a variety of locations, including your home, favorite park, or any accessible location that you frequent with your pet. Our private lessons focus on giving you the skills to train your dog and cover a variety of topics to help you achieve the desired results. We work with you as you train your dog, and encourage all members of the family who will be in charge of the training to participate. This program is ideal for owners who wish to be very involved in every step of the training. 

Our Private Lesson package includes five lessons, with the option of add-ons once you've completed all lessons in the package. Lessons are 30-45 minutes in length and must be scheduled in advance.

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